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Vancouver Island MusicFest Documentary

October 03, 2017

Doug Cox has been the artistic director of the VI Music Fest for over 20 years. Over the last year Cameron Dennison of Strongheart Productions produced a documentary on the Music Fest. This edition of NorthWest Music has Mary Ruth Harris interviewing Doug Cox about the Music Fest and the airing of the full documentary is included.  To skip to the documentary go to the 10 minute 30 second mark.


New Power Skating Clinics

October 02, 2017

Power Skating Clinic New Dates

**NEW DATES** October 21st and November 25th

**NEW DATES** October 21st & November 25th

Gold River Minor Hockey will be hosting a power skating clinic with Bryce Cockburn from NEXT Level on ice training. He will be in Gold River on October 21st for the first half of the clinic and then return on November the 25th for the second half.  He will be covering skating, puck skills, and good habits.
Don't miss this opportunity to take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL.

There is NO CHARGE for this clinic as Minor Hockey will be paying for all kids registered with Gold River Minor Hockey.  

There will be a charge for anyone who belongs to another hockey association outside of Gold River Minor Hockey.

If you wish to attend please email Gold River Minor Hockey by clicking on the email icon at the top of the website for more information. 

Shedule as follows:

Saturday October 21st Part 1


830am - 10am (novice)  

Skating Development - Forward Stride, Crossover, tight turns and acceleration

Skill Development -  passing, and puck control, puck skills - good habits


ice clean


1030am - 12pm (bantam)

Skating Development - proper technique-  Forward stride, Crossovers, tight turns and acceleration with and without the puck - good habits

Skill Development - Passing, puck control - good habits



12-1230pm (Coaches)

any on ice skating and skills coaches want to go over- open questions


1230-1pm off ice with coaches

Check out NEXT LEVEL at thier website

A Message From Gold River Minor Association Executive

October 02, 2017

It is the intention of Gold River Minor Hockey (GRMH) to provide a safe, structured and positive experience for our youth. Our goal is to provide the fundamentals for all participants to become contributing members of a team effort, develop self confidence and experience a sense of personal achievement. In order to accomplish this we need your support.

As your executive we are committed to seeing Minor Hockey flourish in Gold River once again and have been fundraising all summer long to support several key initiatives aimed at getting kids back in the rink. Namely:

• We are pleased to offer a free power skating and hockey skills development camp hosted by Bryce Cockburn of NEXT LEVEL in October that will be available to all registered players of GRMH.

• We are also pleased to offer a true "free" skate every Sunday afternoon between 4-5pm. GRMH are sponsoring this weekly ice time and this is a great opportunity to get in some extra ice time and have fun with your friends.

• We offer some of the most affordable rates and convenient ice times on Vancouver Island. In particular, our initiation/first timer fees remain $50.00/season for a minimum of two ice times per week. 

• We have a newly designed  website that includes - a schedule link detailing the events and icetimes for the entire season, individual and team stats, updated photos and links to related BC Hockey sites. Go to to check it out. 

• Tournaments and Jamborees. We will be hosting events in Gold River to help promote our association and what we have to offer as well as participating in outside tournaments that allow the kids an opportunity to experience some camaraderie and team building. The plan is to use the Gold River events as fundraisers to offset tournament entry fees and associated travel costs.


Lastly, being one of the smaller hockey markets on Vancouver Island we would like to you consider this - If you are still thinking about playing hockey this year please give us a chance. We currently have 3 divisions this year - Bantam, Novice and Mites (initiation). We are asking that any unregistered players contact GRMH by going to and clicking on the email link, as we may be able to garner enough interest to fill a roster. If we are unable to fill a team, we would then be able to sign a release that would allow the player to join another association and pursue your dream of playing hockey. 

Thank You to all of the players, parents and the Village of Gold River for your continued support.

Gold River Minor Hockey Association Executive

Escaped farmed Atlantic salmon found in Campbell River

September 30, 2017

Atlantic salmon that escaped from  pens in Washington state last month, have been reported as far away as Tofino and Campbell River.  Byron Andres, senior aquaculture biologist for Fisheries and Oceans Canada and co-ordinator of the Atlantic Salmon Watch Program, said both fish were caught by sport fishermen, suggesting they were actively foraging in the wild.

Andres said a total of 42 Atlantic salmon have been reported, a significant increase over recent years. Last year and 2015, for examples, saw no Atlantic salmon reported. The escapees were all close to harvest — already big, 10 pounds and up, with the high fat body content common to farmed fish.

“I wouldn’t expect those fish, at this point, to be starving to death. However, I do expect that will be ultimate demise of a large portion of that population,” Andres said, noting that previous research suggests that escaped Atlantic salmon don’t forage much.

But he also said little consistent evidence has been found of Atlantic salmon becoming established in B.C. rivers. Investigations have shown no evidence of any ongoing spawning.

“The bulk of the evidence would suggest, at this point, that Atlantic salmon, for a variety of reasons, have a lot of difficulty establishing themselves in B.C. rivers,” Andres said.

He said efforts to recover the Atlantic escapees will continue.

Anyone who captures an Atlantic salmon — recognizable by its deep, large body, dark spots on its gill covers and the absence of spots on its tail — is asked to contact Fisheries and Oceans Canada at 1-888-356-7525. Keep the head and the stomach to pass along to officials.

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A Message From The Ridge

September 29, 2017

To Our Wonderful Customers:

Recently, our supplier raised the price of our Chicken Wings, we have no other choice but to adjust our pricing to reflect the increased cost. The good news, it's still the best deal on Vancouver Island. Come on up every Wednesday and enjoy 10 chicken wings for just $6.50 with the purchase of a beverage.

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Our Mayor's Speech At The UBCM Meeting In Vancouver- Great Job!

September 27, 2017

Councillors Begon, Waterman and myself are attending the UBCM meetings this week in Vancouver. We were fortunate to be able to do a 5 minute presentation to the Small Talk forum,(small communities) below is my presentation.

Good Morning,
My name is Brad Unger, and I am the Mayor of Gold River
I am here this morning to bring forward the issue of Cell Phone coverage for rural communities and isolated highways. We believe Cell Phone coverage to be an important infrastructure component for every community. 
Over the last three years we have met with Ministers, Deputy Ministers, their Staff, MLA’s, MP’s, Telus Representatives, VIHA Board of Directors and our local Mowachat/Muchalaht First Nation. Every one of these contacts agrees that Cell Phone Service will enhance safety for our Community. We also realize having Cell service within our community would enhance Tourism and bring many economic opportunities we currently can’t achieve.
Ultimately, it is the safety of our Residents and Visitors and our First Responders that we continue to advocate for this vital service. Our Highway is 89 km from Campbell River, with No cell coverage!!
So you can imagine if you are in an accident just 20 minutes from Gold River, you hope someone is travelling the highway at the same time, they come upon you, stop and either help you if they can, or they drive back to Gold River to call 911, who will then dispatch the First Responders to the accident scene. We all know what the Golden Hour is, well, time is up!!
Now about our First Responders:
On April 22 of this year, we lost all use of Telus long distance phone line, which included 911 Services, the cause, a fiberoptic connection failed this outage only affected Gold River.
I would like to share with you some of the communication that I received about that outage, Sergeant Chris McGee Gold River’s Detachment Commander reported:
“On Saturday April 22, at 11:30 am Constable Watkin requested backup through our dispatch centre and learned that the long distance phone lines were down for Gold River, this included the 911 services. The RCMP members were able to make arrangements to safeguard themselves with Radio back up protocol and worked with our partner agencies Health Clinic, BCAS, GRFD as well as community residents to spread the word of the outage. The outage lasted roughly 12 hours, and required some innovative thinking to address the limited emergency service communications.
Public safety in our community was compromised by not being able to call 911 for police emergencies, RCMP officers safety was compromised as they could not call for backup, BC Ambulance Service and Gold River Fire Department were not able to be called out for emergencies during the outage.”

Dr. Durante Gold River Physician:
“During this 911 outage, our on call team dealt with a potentially life threatening situation. The patient reached us through the Nurses radio pager and the Nurse happened to be at the Clinic at the time. An astute and helpful neighbour rushed the patient to our clinic in his own vehicle. Without those lucky coincidences, this situation might very well have been a fatality.”

Donna Schneider - Paramedic Unit Chief Gold River:
“The situation of the 911 system being unavailable caused a significant amount of stress for the First Responders. I applaud my peers in the emergency response sector on the quick thinking, hard work and personal sacrifices they made in keeping the Village as safe as was possible during the outage.
Gold River Ambulance is not able to keep up with the technology introduced to the Ambulance Service province wide where cell coverage exists.
From a safety point, not all residences we attend to have phones. We cannot call the RCMP on our portable radios as they have gone digital. If we need them we have to go back to the Ambulance and get dispatch to call them.”

So my question to all of you other small rural communities with isolated highways.
If you do not currently have cell coverage, is it important to you?
The Federal and Provincial Government support funding programs to enhance high speed internet, we believe cell coverage is just as much if not more important. Small rural communities and the resource sector are the back bone of our Province. If senior levels of government can support funding for Internet Service then for safety and economic opportunities we believe support and funding should be available to provide Cell Phone coverage throughout the Province.
Some would say “why should the taxpayers of the Province have to fund the rural communities in this way.” Recently, we have seen government abolish the tolls on the bridges in the lower mainland, we understand the shortfall of those dollars will have to be made up at least partially from the taxpayers of the Province including the rural taxpayer who may never drive on a city bridge. In turn, I wonder why those same taxpayers, rural and urban shouldn’t be paying for Cell Phone services in rural areas. 
It’s a matter of safety!!!
Thank you.

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