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We are very pleased to present The Mission Thrift Store Radio Network. The network consists of Digital Radio Stations that will broadcast in your stores throughout the country. The stations broadcast pure digital quality music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The only commercial messages your customers will hear are your messages.


It’s the perfect opportunity to treat your customers to great music and advertise current and upcoming promotions and special events. You can also generate revenue on the stations by selling advertising to companies that support your cause.  Plus, you could encourage customers to listen to your stations at home or office.

How Does It Work?

The music plays directly from the website. Store Managers simply connect their computer to the existing in-store sound system. Our system will also work with tablets, Ipads, even from a smartphone.  The stations will play on every platform except Internet Explorer, please use Chrome or Firefox to listen to the stations.

Seasonal Music & Messages:

We will work with your marketing team to produce messages that will broadcast on the stations.  


Equipment Needed?

No special equipment is needed.  You can play the stations on your pc, tablet, even your smartphone.

The Music:

We offer a variety of music choices to choose from, Oldies, Greatest Hits and Country.

We don't have a large selection of Christian music at this time, but we can easily have thousands of songs  added to our library within a few days.  Your package would include 2 Christian Stations, if you wanted an Oldies or Greatest Hits station as well, we would be happy to provide this at no extra charge.

Cost:  We can provide our services for $25 per month, per store.

About Digital Broadcasting Inc:

We have been in the broadcast industry for the past 25 years. Our corporate offices are in

Campbell River B.C. on beautiful Vancouver Island and we are proud members of  the Better Business Bureau.

Call Russ Wagg (250) 202-9244


Play with Chrome or Firefox
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