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The Daily Gold is the information source for Gold River.  If you would like to reach locals with your advertising message or you would simply like to support us in our endevour to provide Gold River with a quality information source.  We have two ad sizes to choose from.  If these sizes don't work, we'll create a size that does.  We're flexible!

Our Numbers:

For the past 3 months we have averaged over 1,500 visits to the website from 800 unique viewers.

We are delighted with the response, thank you Gold River!

Where Will Your Ad Be Placed?

We're going to move it around.  it is far more effective to move your ad around the website than to have it sit in the same spot day after day.

Size A:  $75 per rmonth

Size B:  $99 per rmonth

Size C:  $105 per month

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